• Configuring automated WordPress PHP coding standards fixing with tooling and Sublime Text

    Let’s face it we all start of with the best of intentions, but ensuring your PHP code confirms precisely to a given code standard is hard. It just isn’t what humans are good at. We miss semi-commas, we forget those pesky spaces between parens. What is worse is that all of the fixes to these tiny style … Continued

  • Animating CSS text alignment

    This week, a colleague of mine asked whether it was possible to animate the CSS text-align property using CSS transitions. My immediate response was of course “no!”, but despite having said that I had a nagging suspicion it was in fact achievable in some (as yet unknown) way. Given that the animation was fairly critical to … Continued

  • SVG Transitions not working in IE11

    I’ve recently been working a lot with animating SVG graphics. In order to do this I’ve been using CSS3 Animations. By inlining SVGs directly in my HTML document, I simply use CSS to target SVG nodes and apply @keyframe animations as required. This technique has worked well across all my target platforms with one exception – Internet Explorer 11. … Continued