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  • WordPress 6.4 in 5 mins – all features

    I covered the latest WordPress release in under 5 minutes. Quickly get up to speed with all the key features:

  • Maggie Cabrera builds a WordPress website with Twenty Twenty Four

    I’ve teamed up with @onemaggie, co-lead for the Twenty Twenty Four Theme, to build out a full WordPress website. See how we got on! (Skip to build start):

  • WordPress 6.3 in 6 minutes

    With WordPress 6.3 just around the corner I’ve released an overview video covering the key features in 6 minutes. Check it out:

  • WordPress 6.2 Features in 5mins

    With WordPress 6.2 only a matter of weeks away, I’ve put together an overview video which covers the key features in only 5 minutes. Check it out:

  • Top 5 WordPress 6.2 features with Rich Tabor

    I recorded a new video with Rich Tabor where we discuss his Top 5 feature picks for WordPress 6.2.

  • WordPress in the browser with no server

    My colleague Adam Zielinksi has found a way to run WordPress entirely in the browser using Web Assembly. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the future of WordPress, especially in the online learning space. We discussed everything about this project in a recent video:

  • All WordPress 6.1 features in 5 mins

    With the recent release of WordPress 6.1 I’ve released a short video which covers all the key features in 5 minutes.