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  • WordPress 6.4 in 5 mins – all features

    I covered the latest WordPress release in under 5 minutes. Quickly get up to speed with all the key features:

  • Maggie Cabrera builds a WordPress website with Twenty Twenty Four

    I’ve teamed up with @onemaggie, co-lead for the Twenty Twenty Four Theme, to build out a full WordPress website. See how we got on! (Skip to build start):

  • WordPress 6.3 in 6 minutes

    With WordPress 6.3 just around the corner I’ve released an overview video covering the key features in 6 minutes. Check it out:

  • WordPress in the browser with no server

    My colleague Adam Zielinksi has found a way to run WordPress entirely in the browser using Web Assembly. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the future of WordPress, especially in the online learning space. We discussed everything about this project in a recent video:

  • All WordPress 6.1 features in 5 mins

    With the recent release of WordPress 6.1 I’ve released a short video which covers all the key features in 5 minutes.

  • Presentation: Gutenberg Now, Next and How to use it better today

    I recently gave a presentation to the folks over at Cornershop Creative about Gutenberg. The full video of the presentation, including a 30mins Q&A, is available below: I’ve also included my slides in case these are useful:

  • Resources for creating curated experiences with the WordPress block editor

    I’ve been diving into how to provide a more curated experience for people using the WordPress block editor. Here follows a (growing) set of useful resources and links that provide solid info on how to better go about this: Ryan Welcher has a great Plugin providing examples of template and block level locking. Anne McCarthy … Continued

  • I started a YouTube channel!

    Since the start of 2022 I’ve been quietly working on a new WordPress Gutenberg YouTube channel focused primarily on developers around the block editor. If you are interested in finding out more why not check out my latest video which covers WordPress 6.0 features.

  • What are controls and resolvers in WordPress Core Data

    The @wordpress/core-data package can be fairly intimiating. I spent a while a couple of months ago trying to wrap my head around it – especially the way side effects are managed via controls (and the accompanying concept of resolvers). Whilst WordPress Core Data is moving away from this model and towards thunks, it’s likely the … Continued

  • Setting default WordPress Editor Block Templates via PHP from Block Grammar

    Update: an improved solution has been suggested in the comments. Do read the article but then skip to the comment to find a newer solution. Update: after some research it appears it is not currently possible to use block grammar in the template of a post. Therefore the contents of this post should be treated … Continued